Photo Gallery: Software SpinAttack Roulette System

SpinAttack new interface

SpinAttack version 23, besides a new and modern interface, brings exclusive features. Side menu with all the system functions and resizable windows that adapt to the size and resolution of your monitor. This makes the user more comfortable when playing roulette.
100% Windows 11 compatible system. See some pictures in our gallery.

Available in four languages

Start Screen.

The system is available in four languages, Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French.

Greater security and privacy with your data

Greater Security.

Login screen. This prevents fraud and ensures that the system is original.

Side menu with all system functions

Functions Menu.

Easy and intuitive side menu provides multiple screens and all program functions.

More accurate indication of moves for roulette

Greater Accuracy.

Import previous results. This new feature increases the accuracy of the indications.

Real roulette table

Main Table.

We have created a new roulette table to make you feel like you are in a real casino.

Full control to bet on roulette accurately and safely

Bet Control.

Individual control and information about each bet. New individual play menu.

Know the right time to stop playing roulette

Precise Alerts.

SpinAttack is the only system that provides alerts about everything that is happening.

Place roulette bets with the lowest possible risk

Alternative Bets.

New table that shows how to place more than 20 alternative bets in a safe way.

The best strategies to win at roulette

Strategies for Roulette.

New table that shows how to use the best strategies to win at roulette.

Create your own roulette moves accurately and with less risk of losing

New Statistics.

Get real-time information and tips on all the roulette numbers and plays.

Adapt the system to be able to play roulette in any casino


The new settings allow adapting the system to play roulette in any casino.

Find out which casino is the best for playing roulette

Where to Play.

Don't waste time. SpinAttack indicates the best casinos to play roulette.

Don't waste your time looking for roulette information, visit our site and get the latest news on how to win at roulette

Immediate Access.

Don't waste time. SpinAttack has direct links to sites about roulette.

How to know if the Spinataque is original


Original software. See who your version of SpinAttack is licensed to.

Adjust the system to the size of your screen

Resizable Windows.

Adjust the system to the size of your monitor. System 100% compatible with Windows 11.

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Tested Casinos

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