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Welcome to the Spinataque Roulette System is the best roulette software for betting at roulette Spinataque Robot Roulette download our free roulette software

Spin Attack is not like those robot for roulette that just send signals to VIP telegram GROUPS, our system does not make any kind of connection with the casinos and does not perform any automation.
Our software is not an application that operates the roulette wheel by itself, it is the player who has to inform the system which numbers are coming out. After a certain amount of numbers, Spinataque begins to suggest to its user which is the best bet to make at roulette. With that information, the player decides whether or not to enter the roulette wheel.
It should be noted that any kind of automatic reading done on the roulette wheels of any casino, is an illegal procedure, as well as the sending of supposed signals to groups. This is easily detected by casinos that can ban players who use these robots.

We are talking about games of chance in this sense, there is nothing and nobody that can guarantee good results or any hit percentage, there is no such thing. About gambling, you can't promise any kind of income or profit. If someone offers you something along these lines, you may be lying.

Learn about the evolution of the most "beloved" of roulette players.
Spinataque is now PLUS and has gained a new designer, new features and functionality, greater accuracy in betting indications, new settings to be used in any casino, in short...
There are so many new features that it is not even worth explaining everything now.
Continue exploring our site and find out how to win at roulette with the new Spinataque PLUS.

Before you continue please read this:

There is no method, trick, foolproof tip, strategy or even a program for winning at roulette that is 100% guaranteed or safe. Anyone who promises that will be lying.

Remember that gambling is gambling and as such, you always run the risk of winning or losing.

Winning at any kind of gambling depends on several factors, the risks are high and can cause you to lose your money. The responsibility over the results always lies with the person who decides to bet, even using this software.

Spinataque should be understood as a program that aids in decision making and does not promise that a player will make profits. The use of this software should be considered and the user should be aware of the risks.

It is of fundamental importance that you read the   LIMITATIONS OF SPINATAQUE   and the   TERMS AND CONDITIONS   before you decide to use the Demo or Full version of this software.

Recursos Premium/Infinite

By purchasing a Full Spinataque License through the Premium/Infinite plans, you will have free updates and you can install the system on more than one computer, you have personalized support and you can participate in lives and courses.

Every day more than 18.000 users make money with our software.

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Spinataque Plus the most advanced system to win at roulette

Playing roulette and winning is not easy, after all, a game is a game, and you always run the risk of winning or losing, even using a system as complete as Spinataque. So don't count on luck alone.
Decide precisely where and how much to bet in roulette.

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Explore the new features of the best program to win at roulette

Since its inception in 2009, Spinataque strives to stay up to date and compatible with the biggest roulette game manufacturers. Due to its new Functions the most "LOVED" program of roulette players, is today the world leader. The system has the highest hit rate in its indications, is the most advanced and secure, is extremely simple to use and the only one with features where the player can adapt the program to work in his favorite casino.

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Opinions from Our users'

I have been using Spinataque since 2017 my only regret is not knowing about this system sooner. You have thought of everything and more. Luis Domingos, Portugal

In 60 days I made over 260% profit. This extra money really came in handy. Thanks to the Spinataque developers.

Ronald Lima, Brazil

I confess that I love playing roulette, but I never had the courage to bet more than €0,10 ( Laughs ). With Spinataque I feel safe and bet bigger amounts. I've had good results. Thank you.

Tânia Cardoso, Portugal

I deposited $250 in the casino you indicated and in 3 hours I won $1890. The program is great. I recommend it.

William Briam, London

The support is outstanding. They never leave me without an answer. Since I have to travel constantly, I have 2 licenses and use Spinataque everywhere. I recommend it.

Carla Magalhães, Brazil

I won over $5,000 in one night playing at the casino listed here on your site. Thank you very, very much.

Diogo Alexandro, Argentina

I have been using Spinataque for more than two years, I recently joined the TRF License Market, besides making great profits in the casinos, I can earn more than 300€ per month selling the TRF Licenses to Europe. This helps me a lot. Thank you.

Ana Sampaio, Brazil

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