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On this page we have selected the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our visitors and users. If you can't find what you are looking for here, please contact us through our form, Contact Us or if you are already our customer, enter the Customer Area and speak directly to our technical support.

About the program.

First of all you need to be registered on our website. Registration is free and you can do this on the page: REGISTER.
Then log into the Customer Area via this link: LOGIN.
Being in the Client Area, on the Left Side Menu, you will find the Downloads option. Just click and the download will start automatically.

We strongly advise you not to use real money with the Demo version. It is quite limited and does not provide all the features of SpinAttack. However, there are players who have ignored this warning and reported making some profit.
To learn the differences between the Demo version and the Full version, visit the page: SPINATTACK FUNCTIONS.

The SpinAttack does not offer any kind of guarantee. Playing any game of chance is always a risk, even using the SpinAttack. Understand that the system only provides indications of moves with greater chances of success. The responsibility to follow these indications is always the player's. The SpinAttack in fact increases your chances, but it doesn't promise in any moment, that a player will always win. There are several factors that can influence the results.

For more details on how to make profits, read our advanced tips on the page: How win.

First of all you need to be registered on our website. Registration is free and you can do this on the page: REGISTER.
Then log into the Customer Area via this link: LOGIN.
Being in the Customer Area, on the Left Side Menu, you will find the PURCHASE option. Just click on it, choose the currency you want to use, the payment method, confirm your purchase and wait for the release to download your Full version.

No, once you purchase the Full version of SpinAttack, we will not accept any kind of refunds, disputes or requests for refunds. This is explicitly stated on the page: TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
We strongly advise you to read our Terms and Conditions very carefully before purchasing the Full version of SpinAttack.
We provide the Demo version for free precisely so you can evaluate the software and from there, if you deem it valid, buy it.
Other than that, we have videos, tips, and several warnings about the risks of betting on games of chance.

If the computer is yours and is within the same network sharing the same connection, just install it and that's it.
If you have more than one computer and use for example, one at home and another at the office, then you will need two licenses. One being the Full license and the other being a TRF license that has a much lower cost.

No problem at all. Just go to the Client Area and download your Full version and install SpinAttack again. Likewise, if you purchase a new equipment.

No, absolutely not.
If you do this, the system will detect an unauthorized installation and will automatically block your accesses and your program.
What you should do in that case is that you buy a TRF license and offer it to your friend or sell it to him for the amount you want. TRF licenses are transferable licenses and meet this need. To learn more about this, visit: TRF LICENSES.

About plans and licenses.

The Demo license is quite limited, it is only for you to evaluate SpinAttack.
The Full license, on the other hand, allows you to use SpinAttack with all its features.

To learn the differences between the Demo and Full versions, visit: FUNCTIONS.

A TRF license is a like a Full license, the difference is that a TRF license can be transferred to another user and has a much lower price. However, only customers who have the Premium or Infinite Plan active are able to purchase TRF licenses for the purpose of selling them or using SpinAttack on more than one device.

Visit our page: TRF LICENSES and see the advantages and how to purchase.

You must renew your subscription by choosing one of our plans. The early renewal, guarantees you at least a 10% discount. So, don't let the deadline expire and pay less on your early renewal.

To learn about the value of the plans and their differences, please visit:

Yes, at any time you can change your plan to a higher or lower one without any problem.

As stated in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, new versions of system are not covered by the lifetime license agreement. Therefore, to receive version 20, you must Up-Grade your SpinAttack.
Enter the Client Area and see the available options.

Your buyers will receive version 20, with the Standard Plan active.

It depends on the plan you subscribed to. TRF licenses can only be purchased by those who have an active Premium or Infinite Plan.

Para saber sobre o valor dos planos e suas diferenças, acesse:

About your account, accesses and downloads.

Registered users have access to a Client Area full of exclusive features and content, such as: advanced tips, videos and free tips. In addition, registered users can download the programm Demo version, receive special offers and discounts, participate in sweepstakes, participate in the TRF License Market, participate in the SpinAttack Blog and even win free system plan subscriptions. And all this without having to pay anything.

To register for free, click on the link: REGISTER.

Simply go to: RECOVER PASSWORD, enter the email you used to register and click the SEND button on the form. You will receive in your e-mail, your Username and a link to be able to change your password.
It is important that you keep an eye on the SPAM folder of your mailbox, because it may happen that your provider interprets our email as being an unsolicited message.
If you have forgotten the email address you used to register, please contact us through our page: CONTACT US, report your problem and wait for one of our attendants to contact you to guide you on how to recover your access data.

There are several reasons why your access may have been blocked, it is best to contact support and ask what happened.
To contact support, use the page: CONTACT US, report your problem and wait for one of our attendants to contact you and guide you on how to recover your access.

Version 20 of system needs the user to be registered on our site and have an internet connection, without this you will not be able to use the program.
Make sure you are using the same access data ( Username and Login ), as when you made your registration.
If you provided your access data to another user, our system detected an unauthorized access and for this reason, blocked your account. In this case, please contact support to try to explain what happened and recover your access.

There are several reasons why this might happen. One of them could be your browser.
Try updating your browser and preferably use Google Chrome.
If this does not resolve, contact support and provide more details about the problem.

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