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What is Spinataque?

Spinataque is a system that shows plays or number that ar likely to occur at the roulette. You dont should think that spinataque is 100% safe and that it's use will make you always win. That is impossible. Any method that says so is lying.

Therefore, Spinataque is a tool that supports the player's decisions. The system does not place bets for the player nor makes him do so. He just suggests the best moves based on the previous history, giving you more safety to bet and increasing your chances of winning.

How does Spinataque indicates the bets?

It's quite simple. The player must initially indicate the value he has to place the bets. After that, the player spins the wheel without placing any bets, just to give the system some information. After a few plays, (15-20 plays), Spinataque can understand the roulettes sequence and searches for patterns and repetitions inside the casino's system and accordingly with the gaaame rules. In case the system can not identify the most likely moves, it alerts the player and asks him to leave the casino and try again later.

Spinataque can analyze all the possible moves at the roulette and uses probabilistic calculations to indicate the following bet. If a player is loosing or winning too much, the system suggests the player to stop playing and come back after a few minutes.

Spinataque's other features.

A good roulette system does not stop by indicating moves. You have to show the player how he should place his bets, how much to invest in that move and keep track of the attempts and control the balance a player has in the casino. Spinataque does all of this and emits alerts for dangerous bets or when a player should quit the game.

Thinking about the more experienced players, Spinataque has a statistical set specific for roulettes and alternative moves suggestions.

In it's full version, the system allows that the user tune certain parameters that suit the software to your play style.

Check more details at: System's features.

How to get Spinataque?

To ask for a demo version of get the full version of Spinataque, you have to be registered in our website. To register for free use the link: Register.

The registered users have access to a restricted area where they can download Spinataque's versions and access exclusive content such as advanced tipos on how to win, installation manual, support, how to choose a casino, discounts and offers.

To register you have to be older than 18 and accept the Terms and Conditions of this website.

  NEW   TRF Licenses and it's Market

There is now a simple, safe and profitable way to get Spinataque's full versions from up to 10 times cheaper. The transferable licenses (TRF). Win real money by negotiating this licenses and make your own profit. TRF Licenses are transfereble and cheaper than a full license. Has the same features than a full license and allow the full system installation in only one computer. Meanwhile, they are transferable which allows the user to negotiate his licenses in our TRF Market.

Since 2009, roulette players from all around the world heard of spinataque. Today there are more than 35.000 users that have just the demo version and are interested in buying a full version. That's why we created the TRF Licenses and Market. A user that has more than one TRF License can sell his license. The seller dictates the price and negotiates with the buyer.

More details in: TRF Licenses and in TRF Market.



  • William Fore... (Londres - UK)
    Deposited $250 in the casino Wild Tornado and in 3 hours I earned $ 1890. The program is fantastic I recommend.
    Carlos Fagu... (São Paulo - br)
    Support is outstanding. They never leave me unanswered. I have 2 licenses. I recommend.
    Martines Ger... (Madri - ES)
    I earn over €200 per night. I play at the casino Parklane. Thank you very much.
    Camille More... (Montpellier - fr)
    I never won, I always lost money. With the spinataque I have benefits.
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