Last updated in 20/12/2019.

The usage of TRF Licenses, the TRF Market, this site, Spinataque's software and it's services are subject to the acceptance of THIS SITE'S GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
The terms and conditions to use the TRF Licenses and the TRF Market are available in this site's restricted area.

What is a TRF License?

“It's a way to get full spinataque versions by up to 10 times cheaper, with full safety and originality garantee, with the same features and still profit with the negotiation of this licenses with other users by the value you decide.”

TRF License is a full version of spinataque, but transferible. A TRF License has the same principles, benefits and features a full version has with the difference that it's owner might choose to sell this license on the value the user wants or use this license for personal use.

What's the TRF License objective?

Spinataque is live since 2009 and during all those years, we've accumulated tens of thousands of users worldwide. A great portion of those users only have the demo version. We've deemed that if we lowered the full versions price, would be unfair to those who already have a full license. So we've decided to create the TRF licenses and with them create a market and give business opportunities to who wishes to obtain a full version and also to who already has a full version.

The TRF License market aims to give profit to owners of the full version and at the same time, creat real opportunities to new users get a full version that's trustful, legalized and with full benefits by a lower price.

Who can have a TRF License?

You can only get a TRF License if you have spinataque's full version. Every user, as long as they have a full original version and is registered in our system might acquire how many TRF Licenses he wishes and decide it's use, if it's for personal use or for comertialization. The users that don't own at least one full version are not allowed to get TRF Licenses. For that, they should buy at least one Full version or a TRF version of some other credentied user. When a TRF License is transfered to a buyer that does not have a full license, the TRF License is automatically turned into a full license. We will clarify this process below.

How much costs the TRF and Full Licenses?

A Full License will increase it's value on a monthly basis and the TRF will cost on average 10 times less than a full version.

From February 1st 2020, the full licenses will have a price that shows the interest of people in acquiring the full version. The more people are interested in spinataque, the greater the value will be and that index will be applyed monthly. Due to the increasing value of the full versions, there will be more difficulty of new users to get them. Consequently, whomever has TRF licenses will profit by it's comertialization.

The base value might vary by country and currency, creating therefore independent and alternative markets. The profit a seller has will be determined by the sell value he chooses to use and his negotiation skill, interest and dedication to selling TRF through his how channels.

What is the TRF Market?

So that buyers and sellers can negotiate their TRF Licenses safely, we've created the TRF Market. It's a special page in which is available in the restricted area. The TRF License owners announce them for the value they want. Only registered users to spinataque have access to this market. To be a registered user, just ask for spinataques demo version or having bought at least a full version. the buyers get in touch via e-mail with the seller that negotiates the values and payment method. Once the buyer and seller get to an agreement, as soon as the buyer keeps his part of the deal, the seller will transfer his TRF License through our platform to the buyer.

We do not manage these negotiations. All the transaction is done by the email supplied by the seller and intersted parts. All the negotiations are responsability of the involved parts. We will intervin if necessary. We create legal mechanisms that protect buyers and sellers agains bad people and will forward cases to the authorities if needed.

We don't take responsability for negotiations made outside this market neither refund. A buyer has means to check if a license is legit or not as has access to the sellers reputation and history. All the rules about participating in the market are available in the Terms and Conditions for the TRF Market in our site's restricted area.

To see available offers or more details you have to be registered in our website and access the restricted area. If you're interested, you can register Here.

What happens when you transfer a TRF License?

Transferring a TRF License is a normal buying and selling process. Once the seller transfers his TRF to another buyer, the seller does not keep that license. He can, at any time, get more TRF Licenses.

When a buyer gets a TRF License, our system checks if he already has a full license. In case he doesn't, the TRF license will become a Full license and will not be allowed to be resold. The buyer can only use it for personal use. Meanwhile, he has the right to get TRF Licenses and join the market. In case the buyer already has a full license, he will have one more TRF License and will be able to negotiate in the market or use it as second license.

Note that: A Full license does not allow to be negotiated or transfered. A full license can only be used by one user and installed only once. The TRF licenses, as long as you don't download the, can be comertialized in the market. Once the user downloads a TRF license, it looses comertial value and will be seen as a personal use license. This is irreversible. Even if the user claims downloading it by mistake, you can not revert that license.

Simple negotiation example.

A user that has a full license acquired in 2012 for €30.00 decides to buy 3 TRF's for €5.00 each. Having those licenses, the user announces them in the market for €20.00 each. A buyer gets intersted and gets in touch via the e-mail the seller made available to this end and negotiate the payment method. The buyer makes the payment and the seller, when he gets it, transfers the TRF license via our platform to the buyer. Our system does the validation and transfer and case the new owner does not have a Full license, the TRF that was transfered becomes a Full license, giving him the right to use Full spinataque in only one computer and he is credentiated to get new TRF licenses and participating in the market and get his own profit.

In this example, the buyer spent €45.00. By selling his 3 TRF's, he will profit €60.00. The buyer also made profit because he got a Full version for €20.00, €10.00 less than our site's full version.