Last updated in 20/12/2019.

In this page, we've selected the answer to some of the most common questions our users and visitors have. If you can't find what you're looking for on here, contact us through our form Talk to us or if you're a registered user, access the Restricted Area and talk directly with the support.

There are: 23 answers.
The system says it has expired. Because?
This happens for 2 reasons:

1) A new version has been released. Each time a new version is released, all previous versions expire automatically. In this case you can download the new version at no cost.

2) The system has been installed on more than one equipment. In this case you should contact support and explain what happened.
I am already registered but do not know the password.
Use the Forgot Password option, or contact support by contacting us and asking for your password.
I'm playing in a casino that won't let me spin the wheel without betting anything.
Entre na área restrita do nosso site, lá existem dicas de como pode contornar essa e outras situações semelhantes.
I can have more than one Spinataque account.
Yes, the system does not limit a user to the number of accounts.
I bought the spinataque a long time ago. How do I recover it .
Contact support through the form (CONTACT US), explain your situation, they will help you recover your license.
I cannot enter the restricted area.
Check your login details, you may be entering something wrong. Remember that the fields are case-sensitive.

If this is not the problem, you will need to contact support via the contact us form and explain what is happening so they can review your account.
My account has been locked. How do I get it back?
Contact support via the contact us form and request rehabilitation of your account.

If you have not violated any TRF Site or Market rules, your account may be unlocked.
I didn't like the program, I want to return it.
Unfortunately this will not be possible. We do not accept returns or refund requests. I suggest that you read the General Terms and Conditions of the Site in order to understand why return is impossible.
How can I do to purchase Spinataque Complete.
For security reasons and to maintain your privacy, Spinataque is sold solely and exclusively via PayPal, Neteller or Pagseguro. All of these credit portfolios are highly authorized and highly credible institutions for making purchases via the internet. These portfolios offer various forms of payment and registration with them is free.
If I use Spinataque to play at the indicated casinos and lose, the money I lost will be returned.
No. Playing in casinos as well as buying Spinataque or playing in a casino we refer to is your choice. Therefore we do not make returns or refunds for any reason. We strongly advise you to think and consider whether you really want to buy Spinataque or play at a casino. Spinataque is not infallible and we are not responsible for any losses or gains made by players.