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  • Currently we accept 3 payment types: Paypal, Neteller and PagSeguro. We accept Euro, Dollar and Reais. Under no circumstances we accept bank transfers or ask for your payment data or card information. All the transactions are made exclusively by the entities mentioned before. That grants the user more safety and privacy. We don't send e-mails or phone calls to our users to confirm or ask for their personal data. If that happens, REPORT immediately.

    You need to have an account on the payment entities available. Those accounts are free and in our restricted area you will find the link to create an account. All of them accept different methods of payment: Credit cards, transfers, boletos, etc.

  • After having the system's full version, you can access our restricted area and download. Meanwhile, the clearance for download it's not immediate. We need to wait up to 72 hours to allow the download. This is because we need the confirmation from these entities that the person that acquired the software is of legal age and the rightfull owner of the account used to perform the paymet.
  • The system's full cost varies according to the currency used (€/Us$/R$) and the paying entity you choose. Currently those values are ( 40€, 45Us$, 97R$ ), but you should access our restricted area to check them, get discounts and check the current offers.
  • It's extremely important that you know that Spinataque is not optimized for Macs, Apples, Tablets, Phones or any other device with a screen smaller than 14"
  • Lastly, keep in mind that...
    Playing in an online casino is always a risk and might cause you to lose money.
    Spinataque is a decision making system and it increases your chances of winning at the roulette by suggesting the most likely bet. In any moment it's said that the player will always win.
    There is no method, trick, hint or system fail proof. Who promises that is lying.

  • ... ATTENTION ...

    There are online sales websites and people that participate in the betting forums or that have pages on social networks that try to sell Spinataque's full version for a lower price than ours.

    CAREFUL... it's a huge risk to get a full or demo version from outside our website. Spinataque has copyrights and does not allow any person, site, blog, representatives or affiliate system to comercialize this Software.

    All of Spinataque's licenses have serial numbers for each owner and has permission to be installed in only one computer. Therefore, be careful when you install a version of Spinataque from other websites or persons. All the unauthorized versions are automatically deactivated when installed in a computer that is not of it's owner.

    Recently we have identified and reported a group of people that tried to sell or offer full versions of the system as the original version. All of them are being contacted by competent authorities and will be accused of piracy, damage and loss. Most of them have the full version legally, use them and then try to sell them as the original version. Others do illegal copies and announce them as original. Others just use our name to scam a user that installs one of these versions and might have his privacy and personal data compromised.

    Be aware that we don't support users that have these versions and we are not responsible for any type of damage caused by it.

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